The Analyzer Window

The AnalyzerWindow shows the values of the circuit's input and output signal values as a function of time.
Signal values recognized by the system are:

To represent the input 0 of a gate g1 we write the following way: g1i0, and ouput 0 of gate g1 as: g1o0 (unless they are connected to a wire, in which case there is no need to have a name for the pins of the gate).
This notation is used throughout the AnalyzerWindow to indicate which signals were applied to which wires.

Let's examine a snapshot of the AnalyzerWindow:

Figure 1

Figure 1

We read the information presented in this window as follows:

  1. The evolution of the signal values on the input 0 of gate g2 is shown on the graph across notation g2i0. The signal value on g2i0 is 0 up to moment 1, then it becomes 1.
  2. The signal on the input 0 of gate g3 (g3i0) is constantly 0.
  3. The output signal of the circuit, identified with g1o0 (the output of g1) is unknown up to time 1, then changes to 1 for time 2, and eventually changes to 0.
  4. The signal value of wire 1 (w1) is unknown at time 0, it is 1 at time 1, then it is 0 from time 2 on.
  5. The signal value of wire 2 (w2) is unknown at time 0, then it changes to 1 at time 1.