Setting interface and agent parameters

It is possible to customize both the graphical interface and the agent behavior by opening the Parameters Window. You can do so by opening on menu "Agent", in the main window, and then on "Parameters...".

The first 4 parameters affect the graphical interface. The first two are for advanced users, and allow to create file dumps for all the calls to the A-Prolog inference engine. The flag "verboseIteration" controls whether dialogs should be shown at the beginning and at the end of each iteration of the agent loop. If you are tired of clicking "Ok" every time the agent decides which action it will perform, just set this parameter to false: you will need to select "verboseIteration", click "Edit", and then select "False" from the drop-down menu.

The flag "askPermissionToAct" is mainly for debugging purposes. If both "askPermissionToAct" and "verboseIteration" are true, you will have a chance to stop the agent from performing the action that it decides to execute at the end of the agent loop iteration.

The "maxPlanLength" parameter is the first flag that controls the agent behavior. It is used in agents that perform planning to select the maximum length of plans that the agent can generate. Other parameters may be available depending on the agent that you are running.

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